Tiago Sciência

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Software Developer

São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Tiago Sciência

Software Developer


Software Developer
Ruby on Rails
HTML / CSS / Javascript

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I'm a passionate Developer. Specialized in Object-Oriented Design, Analysis and Programming with extensive experience in the full life cycle of the software design process including requirements definition, object modeling design, database design, tier structure development, prototyping, interface implementation, testing, troubleshooting, maintenance and support.

In addiction, I'm very interested in business process, design new product features, customer engagement and metrics.

My main goal is not only build software, but bring results to the company and create something that can change people's lives and make them happier.

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Application Infrastructure

Help to establish “good practices” for software development projects at organizational level (enterprise architecture) in order to build a solid stack framework with reusable tools for the team and the company.

Back-end and Front-end

Engineering, architecting and developing, including all layers - from database to services and also the user interface (web application). Apply rigor and creativity, combining expertise in usability research, human-computer interaction, and graphic design to solve diverse GUI design issues.


Build RESP API to be consumed by a variety of clients such as mobile applications or third-party applications. These services help the communication between different computer softwares allowing them to exchange data and don't depend upon a particular programming language.

Application Lifecycle Management

Knowledge of continuous process of managing the life of an application through governance, development and maintenance.

Agile Project Management

Work in short sprints on small-scale but functioning releases of a product. Testing each release against customers' needs, instead of aiming for a single final result that is only released at the end of the project. Following agile principles and tools for development and management such as XP, Kanban, Scrum and Lean.

Have an idea?

Meet new technical challenges and find the best solution to meet the needs of the customer. Act as the technical strategist by working with the client and internal groups to gather business, functional and technical requirements to develop the application based on Lean Startup mindset.

I'm open for new challenges.

I'm currently employed, however, I'm open to discuss new opportunities. Let's have a coffee?

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